We are the Hand and the Hammer.
We are the Line.

The Current State of Byregot's Ward

Byregot’s Ward is known as a consortium of artisans, traders, contractors and adventurers, who serve a wide array of clientele in different ventures. A humanitarian organization, connected by an esoteric bond its members share with each other. They seek to improve the lives of their clients and their nations.This collective of men and women follow a simple mission: To improve the world through their myriad talents. With influence and skill, they’ll foster a better tomorrow. With strength and wit, they’ll oppose those who would subjugate others.They are the Hand and the Hammer.

The Leveswain
of Byregot's Ward

Those can tread the line of duty, and whom earn the trust of the Ward to uphold their mission and the company's interests, eventually earn the title of "Leveswain". In time, these Leveswain are raised to be entrusted with the Ward's secrets, assets, and resources.

Who Would Be A Good Fit For
Byregot's Ward

Byregot's Ward is a laid back, medium-heavy RP company and network, that focuses on story-telling and collaboration. We also get together in game for all manner of game content, such as progression, dungeons, treasure hunting, etc. (really, what anyone is in the mood for). We're built around the table-top RPG aesthetic and the feeling everyone feels when they're gathered with friends.Most of our DMed events involve action / adventure / intrigue / horror oriented themes. Please bear in mind that your character may frequently find themselves in combat scenarios, and scenarios befitting the above mentioned themes. We are always looking for new, proactive roleplayers for the Network and Free Company.We Always Welcome...-Inventors
-Spies and Scouts
-Crafters and Artisans
-Underground Connections
-Combatants of Every Discipline
-Former Eorzean Military Members
-Nobles and Elites Interested in Serving the Common Good

Byregot's Ward can be found on Crystal [Mateus]. Network designations and the types of connections we're currently looking for include:Leveswain:
Members of the network who are also in the Free Company in-game as well, who show consistent interest in engaging in the Free Company's activities and it's story.
Affiliates who are engaging in the story of Byregot's Ward part-time or full-time, who are not a part of the Free Company proper but are still very invested with in the Ward's storyline.
New Hires:
Individuals currently being vetted for either the Leveswain or Contractor role. Newcomers to the Network.
Friends and associates of the Ward who aren't currently engaging in the Ward's personal story, but still want to engage in occasional RP, OOC activities, and FC - FC collaboration.
Folks who have been brought on by another member of the network or by one of the officers. Friends & Family to the network, whose level of involvement varies!

Ward Leadership

Garrett Sadova
♦ The-Penman#8782 ♦
Touch'e Quatay
♦ Touch’e B Quatay#6045 ♦
Rowan Flynn
♦ Jack Dickolson#7768 ♦

- Due to certain themes and tropes used in our storylines, we can only accept 18+ members.- We're a welcoming group that is LGTBQ+ friendly and whom accept all manner of individuals. Please show respect for each member and their background. Avoid attributing stereotypes to race, gender, or sex.- While we accept friendly argument and debate, some topics are more likely to turn confrontational than others. Please avoid discussing/debating manners concerning Religion and Politics.- Any type of negativity, intolerance, and hate-speech will absolutely not be tolerated.- If you are experiencing issues or have concerns about another member within the Free Company, please message me or one of our designated officers first so that these can be resolved amicably. It is hoped however that all of us can get along with each other.- This Free Company abides by FFXIV's Terms & License Agreements. Activities such as RMT is not allowed. Exceptions are made for certain Mods that do not affect game play.- Botting, Illicit Activities, Member Poaching, and Illegal Activities are not allowed.- Be mindful of others, use your Spoiler's Tags for story related and NSFW posts.- We are all adults. Colloquialism, banter, and jokes are fun and encouraged! Let's please be mindful of tact however, and avoid anything overtly and overly raunchy/sexual and anything relating to abuse or suicide.- Long periods of absence without notice both In Game and on Discord may see network member removed from the Ward.

The Amber Vault

Strength does not make one capable of rule.
It makes one capable of service.
Company AlignmentNeutral Good


Ward Reputation

Hostile - Cold - Wary
Neutral - Friendly - Reputed - Respected


statistics above subject to change based on story progression and outcomes

Provisioner Resource Manifest

Essential Staff (NPC) Portfiolos

Askel Strausgard
A refugee from when the capital of Bozjan fell, Askel has traded a life of nobility for the honesty of adventuring. Now in his patriarchal years, he has settled down from adventuring to watch after his old adventuring crew at the Ward, namely Garrett, Touch’e, and now Teghan. A skills huntsman, and father figure.
Teghan Creithe
An Arithmetician from Gridania, his past with the Ward is a complicated one. Having gone missing for years after a horrific fight with the Lambs of Dalamud that has left him permanently scarred and oxygen dependent, he’s forsaken the comforts of life to dedicate himself to the Ward’s cause.
Kalladin "Kal" Manetheran
The newest addition to the Ward's essential staff, Kal is largely responsible for maintaining the face of the storefront. He is an apprentice to Garrett in all manners business and economics, and hopes to one day start his own company. Despite him being young, he is no stranger to the harshness of Ul’dah.
Silenna Yanaihara
Maid, Cook, Cleaner, Bartender, Silenna is a woman of many talents. She doesn’t share much about her past, and is very soft-spoken in general. Otherwise - a perfect pair of eyes and ears for Byregot's Ward.
T'yoki Isphani
One of the few employees Garrett’s father kept when Byregot’s Ward was known as Sadova & Co., T’yoki stuck around to help Garrett manage the intricacies of running the storefront. Largely responsible for the Studium, Ledgers, and materials of the Workshop, she makes sure that the Ward has everything it needs on the day to day - and gives flack to anyone who spends resources frivolously.

Story Overview

I. The Ward's Reach

Byregot's Ward was born when the son of a reputable family of craftsmen, Garrett Sadova, returned to his home in Ul'dah and inherited his father's shop as the proprietor and head artificer. After rebranding from "Sadova & Co.", the once humble store of magicked goods quickly grew into a massive enterprise, the reasons for this rapid expansion unknown to most. Many speculate that returning from the Battle of Carteneau and his subsequent years of adventuring changed Sadova. Other rumors say that one bad event after another has finally driven him to seek power. More hearsay however was quickly dashed as Byregot's Ward soon adopted a more humanist mission statement: To improve the lives of their clients and the people of their nations through their goods and services.Still, the growth of Byregot's Ward was unprecedented. Through various deals, trades, and services rendered to the other city-states and to the Grand Company of Eorzea, Byregot's Ward quickly expanded from it's home in Thanalan throughout all of Aldenard and Vylbrand. They started to offer a myriad of goods and products at their stalls, warehouses and stores; as well as a number of other services including adventuring, investigation, and mercenary work. There were few Leves that the company seemed to reject, garnering the company an uneasy reputation as a band of wanna-be heroes in it for coin and fame.But there have been a few instances where even this was in question. Reports state that they have been involved in the slaying of Voidsent and other unnamed monstrosities, such that have slain dragons in the past. Entire pirate bands have suddenly dissolved after their involvement, and the more vocal critiques went so far as to claim the Ward is consorting with Garlean spies and apostate mages. It appeared the means mattered little to this company, so long as ends were met.Despite all of this, Byregot's Ward, over the course of a couple of years, earned it's Merchant's Merit, and is officially recognized as a consortium within the Grand Company of Eorzea's jurisdiction. They have announced exciting projects for their workshops, including a transportation network said to rival even the fallen Empire's train network and airship travel. As we come to the end of the old world, however... one has to wonder what they intend to do next in Eorzea.Meanwhile, whispers of a New World Commission is circulating around the remnants of fallen orders and recovering governments...