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Byregot's Ward stands as a distinguished consortium, championing a diverse collective of interests, catering to an extensive range of clients. From skilled artisans and daring adventurers to familial enterprises and formidable mercenary groups, the Ward offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity to all who rally beneath its banner.At the heart of this expansive network is the Ward's main branch, meticulously managed by the consortium's proprietor, Garrett Sadova. This pivotal division is powered by a select team of Garrett's most trusted and adept confidants, who collectively strive to advance the interests and ambitions of the entire consortium.Guided by a clear and compelling mission, the Ward aims to secure a prosperous future for its members and their families. Armed with influence, expertise, and a strategic vision, Byregot's Ward is committed to cultivating a brighter tomorrow. Through resilience and ingenuity, it stands ready to counter any forces that seek to undermine its autonomy and objectives.They are the Hand and the Hammer.

become leveswain

Contractors and Free Agents of great rapport to the company and phenomenal skill in their vocation are handpicked by the proprietor and his counsel to become more.The Leveswain of Byregot's Ward.They are the best of the best. The consortium's elite agents. Capable of taking on any job, overcoming any challenge, and facing down any danger that may come their way.

who would be a good fit for
the ward

We are a laid back, medium-heavy roleplay free company and network, that focuses on story-telling and collaboration. We also get together in game for game content, such as progression, dungeons, treasure hunting, etc.The company and network is built around the table-top gaming aesthetic, and the feeling of when you're gathered at a table with friends and acquaintances.Most of our events involve action, adventure, intrigue, horror oriented themes. Players will find their characters in combat scenarios, taking part in venture espionage, and engage in other scenes like the themes mentioned above. They'll also have opportunities to host their own adventures.Disclaimer: Some of our plots and ongoing storylines may bend lore within FFXIV. We like to incorporate story elements from other FF games - such as 11, 12, Fabula Nova Crystallis, and more. We take extra care in our writing when incorporating ideas outside of 14 to make it mesh well within the realm of FFXIV.

Byregot's Ward can be found in Final Fantasy XIV on the Crystal Data Server, Mateus.The company has rich discord presence as well. We are scouting for members to fill any of the following roles below:Leveswain:
Members of the network who are also in the free company in-game. Members who show a consistent interest in the network's events and activities and whom also enjoy the benefits of the in-game free company.
Members of the network who are in the free company in-game but aren't considered elite Leveswain yet for story reasons. They still show a consistent interest in the network's events and activities.
New Hires:
Newcomers to the network who have recently been referred by another member or brought on by leadership. May take on any of the other roles after a short probationary period.
Please note that the above roles require being able to join the Free Company on Mateus.

Additional Network Roles

Company Contacts
Special role within the network for individuals who are their own FC Leads who regularly collaborates with BWRP. Requires having rapport with administration beforehand.
Company Specialists
Former Wanderers who are especially involved with the Free Company to the point they're honorary Contractors / Leveswain, but aren't in the Free Company due to other circumstances.
Network members are assigned this role on a case by case basis. New Hires in their probationary period cannot be transferred to this role to bypass the Free Company requirement.Company Wanderers
Friends and Family of the Ward, brought in by an existing Leveswain or Officer in the company; who hang out with the company ICly occasionally but are mostly OOC.

ward leadership and officers

In-Game CharacterDiscord Handle
Garrett Sadovathepenman
Medina (T) Quataytouchebquatay
Rowan Flynnjackdickolson

contact leadership for networking opportunities

• due to certain themes and tropes used in our storylines, we can only accept eighteen-plus members and new hires.• we're a welcoming group that is lgtbq+ friendly and whom accept all manner of individuals. please show respect for each member and their background. avoid attributing stereotypes to race, gender, or sex.• while we accept friendly argument and debate, some topics are more likely to turn confrontational than others. please avoid discussing/debating manners concerning religion and politics.• any type of negativity, intolerance, and hate-speech will absolutely not be tolerated.• if you are experiencing issues or have concerns about another member within the free company, please message me or one of our designated officers first so that these can be resolved amicably.• this free company abides by ffxiv's terms and license agreements. activities such as rmt is not allowed. exceptions are made for certain mods that do not affect game play.• botting, illicit activities, and member poaching are not allowed.• be mindful of others, use your spoiler's tags for story related and nsfw posts.• we are all adults. colloquialism, banter, and jokes are fun and encouraged. let's please be mindful of tact however, and avoid anything overtly and overly raunchy/sexual and anything relating to abuse or suicide.• long periods of absence without notice both in game and on discord may see network member removed from the ward.

The Amber Vault


Evil men rarely convince others to their side by asking them to perform dark deeds for no good reason. They will always start with the lightest shade of gray. They so often use what seems like a good cause.Company AlignmentChaotic Good


Hostile - Cold - Wary
Neutral - Friendly - Reputed - Respected

The Headquarters

Crystal • Mateus in Empyreum: Ward 8 Plot 47

Buy • Trade • Sell
various wares and merchandise with the Proprietor of the Ward, and the consortium's talented artisans.

Hire the Elite
specialists, contractors, and mercenaries who will make and bring success to your current endeavors.

no ooc gil exchange necessary

Essential Staff Portfiolos

Medina (Touch'e) Quatay: Oldest of the Leveswain, and the proprietor's former mentor turned confidant, Touche's history is long, and is not one she often shares with anyone. Through her love of the company and its people, however, she has become the Ward's unofficial sentinel.Rowan Flynn: Former member of a pirate crew known as "The Shrikes" and inheritor of its late captain's axe, Rowan's history with Byregot's Ward is an odd and tenuous one. Through reasons of their own, Rowan and Garrett have come to an understanding regarding the Ward's future and contingency plans should anything go wrong. Serves as the Ward's primary hunter and executioner of enemies to the consortium.Askel Strausgard: A refugee from when the capital of Bozjan fell, Askel has traded a life of nobility for the honesty of adventuring. Now in his patriarchal years, he has settled down from adventuring to watch after his old adventuring crew at the ward, namely Garrett, Touch’e, and now Teghan. A skilled huntsman and father figure.Teghan Creithe: An arithmetician from Gridania, his past with the ward is complicated. Having gone missing for years after a horrific fight with the Lambs of Dalamud that has left him permanently scarred and oxygen dependent, he’s forsaken the comforts of life to dedicate himself to the ward’s cause.Kalladin "Kal" Manetheran: The newest addition to the ward's essential staff, Lal is responsible for maintaining the face of the storefront. He is an apprentice to Garrett in all manners business and economics, and hopes to one day start his own company. Despite him being young, he is no stranger to the harshness of Ul’dah.Silenna Yanaihara: Maid, cook, cleaner, bartender, Silenna is a woman of many talents. She doesn’t share much about her past, and is very soft-spoken. Otherwise - a perfect pair of eyes and ears for Byregot's Ward.T'yoki Isphani: One of the few employees Garrett’s father kept when Byregot’s Ward was known as Sadova & Co., T’yoki stuck around to help Garrett manage the intricacies of running the storefront. Responsible for the studium, ledgers, and materials of the workshop, she makes sure that the ward has everything it needs on the day to day - and gives flack to anyone who spends resources frivolously.

Story Overview

I. The Ward's Reach

Byregot's Ward emerged when Garrett Sadova, scion of a distinguished family of craftsmen, returned to Ul'dah and took over his father's shop, transforming it from "Sadova & Co." into a thriving magicked goods enterprise. Its rapid growth, fueled by factors unknown to many, sparked speculation about Sadova's experiences post-Battle of Carteneau and his subsequent adventures, with some suggesting a newfound quest for power.The enterprise, however, embraced a noble mission: to enhance the lives of their clients and contribute positively to society through their offerings. The Ward's expansion was swift, extending its reach beyond Thanalan to Aldenard and Vylbrand, diversifying into various products, services, and ventures, including adventuring, investigation, and mercenary assignments.Despite its success, the consortium faced scrutiny and rumors, particularly concerning its involvement in vigilantism and interactions with questionable entities. Nevertheless, Byregot's Ward secured its Merchant's Merit and gained official recognition as a consortium within the Grand Company of Eorzea, and they now regularly embark on ambitious projects.The future actions of Byregot's Ward in Eorzea remain a subject of intrigue. What will come next for the once humble magic shop turned consortium and the people under its banner? That question would be answered during the Final Days...

II. The New World

In the aftermath of the Calamity triggered by the Final Days, Etheirys has started to heal, and a fragile peace has been restored. During this time of recovery, Byregot's Ward has been actively assisting nations in their rebuilding efforts. However, this noble endeavor drew the unwanted attention of adversaries who wish to see the Ward dismantled.A shocking encounter with Garrett's older brother, Ramas, who was believed to be dead, threatened the very existence of Byregot's Ward. The confrontation led the Leveswain into the Space Between, a metaphysical realm intertwined with the essence of life and memory, where significant revelations were unveiled. Garrett had shaped the company into a formidable force, not just to serve Eorzea but to hunt down those he personally pursued: Ramas, once an Immortal Flame, and Marian mal Carriloux, a former medic of the VIIth Legion. These two Animancers, united in their controversial quest for world domination, necessitated Garrett's drive to see them dead.The clash with Ramas had dire consequences, stirring the awakening of Menarus, a fal'Cie from a bygone era. The emergence of Menarus stirred a hidden group of animantic practitioners to reveal themselves. All thralls aiming to mold Etheirys according to their vision, with the Ward inadvertently entangled in their schemes.Byregot's Ward now finds itself in a three-way conflict with this cabal, once known as the Argonauts, all under the influence of Menarus, who harbors no fondness for the mortal world; as well as Ramas and Marian's 'Heralds of Final Eden'. The Ward faces a critical challenge: to stop the fal'Cie and its Argonauts from enacting their own plans, and simultaneously stop the Heralds of Final Eden from accomplishing their malicious goals...