We are the Hand and the Hammer. We are the Line.

The Story of Byregot's Ward Thus Far

To most of Eorzea and it's allied nations, Byregot's Ward is known primarily as a small consortium and company of artisans, traders, and contractors, whom serve a wide array of clientele in various pursuits; A for-profit organization that seeks to improve Eorzean lives through their goods and services.

Behind its mercantile front, however, lay a collective of men and women dedicated to serving a humanitarian effort: To improve the world through prestige, magic, and science. With influence, they'll foster a better tomorrow; With strength, they'll combat those who would use the same methods to subjugate nations.

The Leveswain of Byregot's Ward

Those can tread the line of duty; and whom earn the trust of the Ward to uphold their mission and the company's interests; are therefore considered "Leveswain". In time, these Leveswain are raised to be entrusted with the Ward's secrets and assets.

Who would be a good fit for the Ward

Byregot's Ward is a laid back, medium-heavy RP company and network, that focuses on story-telling and collaboration. We also get together in game for all manner of game content, such as progression, dungeons, treasure hunting, etc. (really, what anyone is in the mood for). We're built around the table-top RPG aesthetic and the feeling everyone feels when they're gathered with friends.

While the free company in-character advertises itself as a group of merchants and contractors, most of our DMed events involve action / adventure / intrigue / horror oriented themes. Please bear in mind that your character may frequently find themselves in combat scenarios, and scenarios befitting the above mentioned themes. We are always looking for new, proactive roleplayers for the network and for the Free Company.

Good potential fits for Byregot's Ward include:

-Spies and Scouts
-Crafters and Artisans
-Underground Connections
-Combatants of Every Discipline
-Former Eorzean Military Members
-Nobles and Elites Interested in Serving the Common Good

Byregot's Ward can be found on [Crystal] Mateus. Network designations and the types of connections we're currently looking for (though aren't limited to), include:

Leveswain: Member of Free Company & Discord who has shown interest in and is actively participating/collaborating with the ongoing story of Byregot's Ward as a full member. In character, these are Ward Company members who are aware of and allied with the Proprietor's visions and goals for the company.

Contractors: Affiliates who are engaging in the story of Byregot's Ward part-time or full-time. Contractors make up the main body of the Ward, and can be anyone: From Mercenaries to Artisans, if they wish to work and contribute to the Ward, they're welcome here.

New Hire: Individuals currently being vetted for either the Leveswain or Contractor role. New to the Network!

Contacts: Friends and associates of the Ward who aren't currently engaging in the Ward's personal story, but still wants to engage in occasional RP, OOC activities, and FC - FC collaboration.

Patrons: Folks who have been brought on by another member of the network or by one of the officers. Friends & Family to the network, whose level of involvement varies!

If interested in joining, please contact me or one of the officers below over Discord or In Game at:

The-Penman#8782 (Garrett Sadova @ Mateus)illuminest#4713 (T'alonne Veri @ Mateus)Touch’e B Quatay#6045 (Touch'e Quatay @ Mateus)Jack Dickolson#7768 (Rowan Flynn @ Mateus)

Due to certain themes and tropes used in our storylines, we can only accept 18+ members.
We're a welcoming group that is LGTBQ+ friendly and whom accept all manner of individuals. Please show respect for each member and their background. Avoid attributing stereotypes to race, gender, or sex.
While we accept friendly argument and debate, some topics are more likely to turn confrontational than others. Please avoid discussing/debating manners concerning Religion and Politics.
Any type of negativity, intolerance, and hate-speech will absolutely not be tolerated.
If you are experiencing issues or have concerns about another member within the Free Company, please message me or one of our designated officers first so that these can be resolved amicably. It is hoped however that all of us can get along with each other.
This Free Company abides by FFXIV's Terms & License Agreements. Activities such as RMT is not allowed. Exceptions are made for certain Mods that do not affect game play.
Botting, Illicit Activities, Member Poaching, and Illegal Activities are not allowed.
Be mindful of others, use your Spoiler's Tags for story related and NSFW posts.
We are all adults. Colloquialism, banter, and jokes are fun and encouraged! Let's please be mindful of tact however, and avoid anything overtly and overly raunchy/sexual and anything relating to abuse or suicide.
Long periods of absence without notice both In Game and on Discord may see network member removed from the Ward.

Story Summary

Strength does not make one capable of rule;
It makes one capable of service.

Company Alignment

Neutral Good

Ward Reputation

Hostile - Cold - Wary - Neutral - Friendly - Reputed - Respected

City StateReputation
Ul'dah7/10 (Reputed)
Limsa Lominsa5/10 (Neutral)
Gridania5/10 (Neutral)
Ishgard6/10 (Friendly)

statistics above subject to change based on story progression and outcomes

Ward Non-Player Character Bios

Rogues gallery

Known individuals on the Ward's Watchlist

Marian Mal Carriloux [Alive]: An ex-VIIth Legion Medicus who served in the Dalamud project, she is considered a war criminal to the Immortal Flames. As of late, she has been leading a faction of researchers and practitioners of the malefic arts, moving toward some unknown goal.

Ramas Sadova [Alive]: Former Immortal Flames soldier gone AWOL after the Calamity, he has resurfaced recently working alongside Marian's organization as her head researcher in Animancy. His involvement and reasons for involvement is currently unknown.

Ghenzo [Alive]: Also known as the "Fire Which Raged a Path for the Conqueror", he is considered Marian's hound and main field agent. An incredibly dangerous Ronin, he is meant to be handled with utmost caution. Is renown for his betrayal of Doma to Garlemald when the XIIth Legion first invaded.

Philland Faewood [Alive]: One of the local Monetarists of Ul'dah, Philland and his family have a long and complicated history with Garrett and his father. While not outwardly hostile, they are certainly not friends. Philland has remained mostly placid at least as of late, only because Garrett has taken to tutoring his grandson, Aaron Faewood.

Claudius Mal Caecus [Alive]: A Garlean Chemist of mostly unknown origin, he was seen working alongside XIth and XIIth Legion soldiers developing dangerous chemical weapons that he was testing on inhabitants of the Sea of Clouds. Has eluded capture and judgement before - current whereabouts unknown.

Allies & Staff

The Leveswain of the Ward

Ward Allies and Contractors

Non-Player Character Staff